Dec, 2016

How Strong is Your Password for Online Safety ?

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Everything is looking to go digital, be it a business or a person. Our online accounts for emails, e-commerce websites, e-wallets, social media accounts and many other websites, need as many passwords.

Passwords protect much of our privacy and personal online safety which is why it’s worth being completely sure of our password security.

Instead of being lazy and using the same password for all, become a part of 8% of the world population who can brag about owning a unique and strong password for every account.

Check out these two methods to get yourself a mighty strong password to make life difficult for hackers.

  • The Classic Way
    Stretch your password to at least 12 characters with no bar on the upper limit. Ensure the word does not exist in any dictionary and includes capital letters, symbols, lowercase letters, and numbers. Example- SmallTree#321. However, it is still relatively possible to guess such a password.
  • Sentence trick
    Instead of creating a random and impossible to remember password by banging your fingers onto the keyboard with closed eyes, consider using a sentence which you can remember to create a strong password.
    Create a sentence from an easy-to-remember piece of information that is personal to you.
    You can use the first character of every word in the sentence to create your password. Example- “I am a professor of history subject in Stanford college which is the 6th best college in the country.“ The password which can be created using the sentence would look like IaapohsiScwit6bcitc. This password is quite strong despite not having any symbols and is memorable at the same time.
    Alternatively, relate your password to your favorite hobby or sport. For example, I love to play badminton could become “ILuv2PlayB@dm1nt()n”.

Password management tools like Dashlane and LastPass, make it easy to save and store multiple passwords of all your accounts. That way, you need to remember 10+ passwords, instead just memorize the master password for the password management tool.

Either of these techniques will give you a strong and reliable password for online safety.

However, there is not a single password in the world which can promise you 100% protection from cyberattacks or cybercrimes. Also, use your common sense to avoid phishing scams and go for double authentication (a password and an OTP) wherever possible.

Create a strong password as instructed above and reduce the probability of your account getting hacked.

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